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His black mouth will be thoughtfully pursed as his hairy little hand grips the brush and also wields it over the canvas. Virtually Any animal who refused did not have to participatebut plenty had been ready to pick up the brush as well as waddle, trot, and/or slither through paint and also over canvas. in a new photo documenting his imaginative process, anyone can see him employing a brush mounted on a stand to become able to develop a painting using curving blue lines along with green dabs. Based on Oakland Zoo officials, zookeepers worked with almost all the animals to produce your art along with non-toxic paint. Friday, September 11, 2015, by Mary Jo Bowling


Photos courtesy Oakland Zoo

The artist's work is abstract, you can could even call it wild. Any consultant Zoo spokesperson says "only positive-reinforcement techniques were used to encourage voluntary participation," and then we suspect treats might happen for you to be involved.

9777 Golfing Back Links Rd. He can be certainly one of a bunch of animals who were offered the possibility to create paintings which are becoming auctioned to raise funds for your Zoo, but in the time of this writing, his painting can be leading the way having a bid involving $305. Oakland, CA 94605



. The Particular public auction ends about September 20, so you Get the facts have until then to include an exotic element to your home.

This can be the 2nd yr the actual Zoo offers conducted the on the particular internet auction, and they want one to know that at Yahoo no animals had been harmed, coerced, or made to participate. If his technique seems primitive, it's because he's a new primate. The Get the facts Particular auction, which launched yesterday, has raised greater than $7,000.

Other animals that pitched throughout for that trigger contain Donna (an African elephant), Jennifer (a Ring-Tailed lemur), Zoe (a hyena), and, our private favorite, Maggie (a Nigerian Dwarf goat). This particular artist is Maskini, a Vervet Green monkey that lives in at the Oakland Zoo

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